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The facial expression of someone when having an orgasm.


Pussy. The only "really" bad word in Japanese.



One-Eyed Cyclops, On-Eyed Willie

(French) The head of the penis.

Oral Sex

A sex act where the mouth of one person is placed on the genitals of another. See also FELLATIO (oral sex performed on a man) and CUNNILINGUS (oral sex performed on a woman).

Oreo Sex

When a white women is sandwiched between two black men, with either one in her pussy, and one in her ass, or one in her mouth and one from behind.

Gay: Sex between two black men and a white man.


The pleasurable, climactic release of sexual tension. In a man, it is usually accompanied by EJACULATION.


A sexual encounter with three or more people. Group sex.


Japanese for ASS.

Out of the Closet

Being open about one's sexual orientation.


A derivation of the tea bag, which is accomplished by numbing one's testicles with ice and then inserting them in someone's mouth.

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