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Vacuum Bed

Apparatus used for bondage and sensory deprivation play. The subject is placed in a latex bag with a breathing tube and a one-way valve, a frame made from perforated plastic pipes surrounds the subject. A vacuum is created and the subject is sealed like vacuum-packed food.


Non-kinky, "traditional" sex, usually between men and women.


Surgery, performed on a man's vas deferens inside the scrotum, which renders him infertile.



Venereal Disease (VD)

A sexually transmitted disease, traditionally refers to syphilis and gonorrhea. See STD. Usage note: this terminology has fallen out of favor; STD (sexually transmitted disease) is the more common term.


A registered trademark of Pfizer. This pill (generic name sildenafil citrate) helps men get an erection. You can purchase it online.


A sex toy that vibrates, often used to stimulate the clitoris.
Usage note: A DILDO generally refers to a toy with no moving parts, as opposed to a vibrator which includes an electric motor that causes it to vibrate.

Violet Wand

A BDSM sex toy in the shape of a wand that creates a shocking sensation.


Getting sexual pleasure from watching someone else have sex.

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