Other Technical Questions

When I play the movies they appear too dark, or too light, or are saturated. What can I do?

The best solution is to adjust the color, contrast, and brightness settings on your monitor.

I lost my Phone Sex Pin Number. What do I do?

Logon to the site and click "My Account" and then click "Phone Sex". Your Phone Sex PIN number will be listed on this page.

I tried using my Phone Sex Pin Number and was disconnected. What do I do now?

CONTACT US and tell us what happened. We will issue a new Phone Sex PIN number.

I left a movie on pause and my minutes were depleted. What happened?

You cannot leave a movie on pause for any significant length of time. Pause is there to only pause a movie for a short period of time - a minute or two - at most. When you are playing a movie your media player is "talking" to our computers. If you pause a movie for any significant amount of time the "computer talking" continues. This will cause minutes to be deducted.

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